Charles Kealy is a product of the Philadelphia Parochial School system. St. Louis Elementary, Monsignor Bonner High School and the, for good measure a BS from Saint Joseph’s College in Accounting. Now, Charles is a Certified Public Accountant and the Chief Financial Officer at Cape May MAC.  
Charles’ family started coming in the late fifties as summer visitors and bought a house on Hughes St. in the early Sixties. Charles spent every summer until the eighties then and settled in West Cape May after getting married in 1985. His wife, Margaret Oleksiak, was also a summer visitor whose family bought a second home in Cape MayCharles has a son Charlie, who lives in New York City working as a data analyst and about to get his MBA from Pace University in July, 2020. 
Charles is a member and Treasurer for the Cape May Kiwanis. What he enjoys most about working for Cape May MAC is feeling like he is doing something to maintain the character of Victorian Cape May.