Cape May is one of the most haunted towns you’ll ever visit. Is it any wonder? It’s such a marvelous place, even the spirits don’t want to leave Cape May! Dozens of Victorian gems have been investigated and documented to have “spirit” residents, all of whom are quite friendly, we assure you. Take a giant step back in Cape May’s past and see if a ghostly encounter is in the cards for you!

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Ghost like photo of victorian man riding trolley

What was that shadow? Was it the undead of Cape May’s past wandering their beloved haunts? You might scoff, you might shudder, but rest assured: on board a trolley with an experienced guide you will begin to wonder what’s beyond when you hear the tales of hauntings unearthed in Cape May by renowned psychic medium and author Craig McManus. Begins and ends at the Ocean Street trolley stop.

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ghostly victorian man holding his own head

Cats in ghostly form purr from the beyond. Beloved family members in photographs without their heads. Graves equipped with a torpedo to put off intruders. Victorians of the late 19th century had wild notions about the passage from life to death. Belief in ghosts and spirits was common and superstition abounded. Hear several Cape May ghost stories and more strange stories from Victorian Cape May history that are macabre, mysterious or just plain weird! Begins and ends at the Ocean Street trolley stop.

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actors in costume

Off to the Races

Enjoy a three-course dinner and watch as the mystery and drama unfold around you during “Off to the Races,” an original mystery by Jacky Fazio. When catastrophe strikes at one of the biggest and most important horse races of the year, everyone from the fans to the judges has their own opinions about what happened. Was this truly a tragic accident, or is something more sinister going on? And what could this mean for the future of the racetrack?

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two actors dressed as sherlock holmes and dr watson in front of a victorian home

October 14-16, 2022
October 21-23, 2022

“Send in the Clowns”

New play for 2022!

When Sherlock and Watson find themselves under the big top, a simple favor for a friend turns into a spectacle that our heroes were not prepared to witness. Will they be able to figure out who is terrorizing the circus and its dedicated performers before it’s too late?



a run down emlen physick estate victorian house

Take an evening trolley ride through the Historic District and hear stories of haunted Cape May. Step off the trolley at the Physick House Museum with your guide and see Cape May’s only Victorian house museum, reputed to be haunted, as you learn about Victorian Spiritualism. This tour combines a Ghosts of Cape May trolley tour with a visit to the Physick House. In the museum, guides will compare the methods of spirit contact used by the Victorians with those of today’s paranormal investigators. Selected rooms on both floors are included in the tour. Begins and ends at the Ocean Street trolley stop.



The Exoneration

Step inside Cape May’s brand new Home for the Criminally Insane, where three local murderers are serving out their life sentences. But rumor has it, one of these convicts was unfairly framed and is innocent. Join us for this special 10th Anniversary Clueless at the Physick Estate program, where instead of determining who is guilty, you decide who will be exonerated.

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Doctor Emlen Physick dessed in a top hat and victorian coat stnading next to his gravestone that says Physick

Hear the stories and experiences of ghost activity in the 1879 Physick House Museum from the Cape May MAC tour guides who know them intimately. It starts with a trolley ride to the historic Cold Spring Presbyterian Cemetery to see the graves of Dr. Emlen Physick and his family. At the graveyard you’ll hear EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) recorded by tour guides and staff at the estate. On your return trip to the Physick Estate hear about some unusual Victorian funereal customs. Then, inside the Physick House you will visit several rooms and hear several more EVPs while learning more about the activity observed there. Take the opportunity to talk to staff about their experiences, and a moment to wonder at what it all means. Tour begins and ends at the Physick Estate.

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