Throughout the year Cape May MAC offers a variety of house tours in the Physick House Museum as well as many seasonal multi-property tours around Victorian Cape May.

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emlen physick estate on washington street in cape may new jersey

Take a guided tour of the first and second floors of the 1879 Physick House Museum, for an in-depth look at Victorian architecture and the period, reflecting one Victorian family’s lifestyle, and detailing the way the Physick family and their household lived, worked and spent their leisure time. From dancing to fishing, golfing, and concerts, this tour explores various activities that entertained visitors and the Physick family in the Victorian era. Learn how Victorians “beat the heat” with ocean bathing and ice cream. Gain insight into architectural features within the house designed to combat the summer heat, providing a unique perspective on the ingenuity of the past. In 2024-25, the tour is titled “Down the Shore: Summers in Cape May”


Victorian spiritual paraphernalia on a table

Victorians were fascinated with mystery and illusion and this tour through first floor rooms in the 1879 Physick House Museum shares that fascination. Learn about the famous Harry Houdini who captivated Victorian audiences with his intricate escapes, the Goddess of Mystery, Ionia, a Belgian beauty who Victorians worshipped for her spectacles of magic, The Great Lafayette, who became known as the world’s greatest magician, and Pepper’s Ghost, an illusion still used today, with Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper and more.


black and white photo of people on tour in a victorian house

Experience an unusual tour in Cape May MAC’s 1879 Emlen Physick House. In the Voices from Beyond Tour, you will hear actual spirit voices captured by Cape May MAC staff over the past 10 years. View historical photos of the Physick family and their staff alongside photos of apparitions seen inside the house. Learn about the equipment and tools used throughout history in paranormal research. Who could these voices belong to and what is keeping them connected to the Physick House Museum? Draw your own conclusions on this new and exciting paranormal tour.


Private home garden

Here is your invitation to explore Cape May’s unique natural areas and the private plants, blooms and landscape designs of area gardeners. See both public and private gardens and take home ideas for your own garden. Smell and see what’s blooming and flourishing in several different seashore locations dominated by sunlight, ocean breezes, and sand and salt, each uniquely situated. Cape May’s Emlen Physick Estate gardens are included, the grounds of the Emlen Physick Estate will host nature and garden-themed local vendors, plus a complimentary wine tasting by Cape May Winery.


photo of a victorian sitting room with the words "clueless at the Physick Estate" over top

Back to the beginning!

Everyone is suspect during Clueless at the Physick Estate, a “whodunit” similar to the popular board game. Join fellow amateur sleuths and encounter characters inside the 1879 Emlen Physick Estate, 1048 Washington St., as this original mystery unfolds from room to room. Who is the culprit? Is it Professor Graystone or Pearlie White? Mrs. Parrot or Cherry Bombe? This year is a revival of the first, the original Clueless at the Physick Estate mystery from 2012. Don’t miss this chance to challenge your imagination and deduction skills in a one-of-a-kind historic Cape May setting. Accessible with advance notice.


a photo of a spooky victorian house

Tour select rooms with your guide and learn about Victorian Spiritualism in Cape May’s only Victorian house museum, the Physick House Museum, widely reputed to be haunted. In the museum, guides will compare the methods of spirit contact used by the Victorians with those of today’s paranormal investigators. Select rooms on both floors are included in the tour.


Victorian house with fall decorations

Saturday, October 7 from 1pm – 4pm

Visitors have the unique opportunity on this self-guided tour to go behind closed doors and see restored private homes, bed and breakfast inns and guesthouses. Tourgoers can meet the homeowners, managers or innkeepers, see unique furnishings and décor, and find inspiration for their own homes and hearths.


white colonial style house with blue shutters

The Cherry House, built in 1849 in the Federal style, is situated on one of Cape May’s oldest residential streets. It has been the subject of paranormal investigations and recordings of numerous unusual experiences. Home to Beth and Frank Acker along with their dog, Bella, the Ackers will relate the outcome of paranormal investigations at the house and the strange occurrences they’ve experienced on this guided tour of the first and second floors.


tour groups on a house tour and a trolley tour

Several combination tours combine a visit to the 1879 Emlen Physick Estate along with one of our trolley tours. Click below to learn more about our various combination tours.

Christmas Tours

During the holiday season, there are plenty of specialty house tours including Christmas Candlelight House Tours, Holiday Inns Tours, Lamplighter House Tours, Physick Family Christmas House Tours, and more!

The Mainstay Inn in Cape May New JErsey, decorated for christmas
a victorian living room with christmas tree