Cape May MAC’s Lessons of History:
10th Annual Distinguished Lecture Series

Sunday, October 9, 2022: 5PM
Cape May Convention Hall

2022 Lecture

Is War with China Inevitable?
Presented by Dr. Steven David

Dr. Steven David, Ph.D., professor at Johns Hopkins, an authority on international relations and three-time winner of the university’s “Outstanding Teacher Award,” presents “Is War with China Inevitable?” in Cape May in this year’s annual Distinguished Lecture Series. David will speak on the critical issue of whether the rise of China makes a Sino-American war inevitable. Many scholars have argued that war is virtually certain when a rising power confronts the existing world leader. David’s lecture will examine both sides of this debate, and offer his own views as to who is right. He looks forward to a spirited discussion with the audience on what might be the most important issue confronting America and the world in the 21st century.

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Lessons of History Team:  Myles Martel (chair), Jody Alessandrine, Tom Carroll, Vince DeGiamo, Joan Dempsey, David King, Mary McKenney, George Schu, Mary Stewart, and Chris Traficante

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