Mondays, July 8th, 15th & 22nd from 3PM – 5PM
Vintage Restaurant at the Emlen Physick Estate

Cape May’s Poet Laureate Sylvia Baer hosts three writing workshops at Vintage Restaurant on the grounds of the Physick Estate this July that explore various writing styles: Poetry, Fiction and Memoir. These workshops are for anyone interested in writing at any level of knowledge and experience. Participants will learn about the essentials of each style with time for writing during each workshop. Sharing work is a personal choice and will not be required. After each session there will be time for discussion with light refreshments included.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Sylvia Baer who has been a professor of literature for 51 years, is also the Poet-Laureate of Cape May, a playwright, a memoirist, a writer of scholarly works, a translator of Spanish poetry (into English), and a Fellow at Yale University. She has curated haiku and photography exhibitions at Rowan University and Yale University, been founding editor of international academic journals, and presented at conferences and workshops throughout the country. In Cape May she is the creator of The Poet-Tree where she hangs about 60 poems written by a whole panoply of writers, and with signage encourages passers-by to pick any poem that appeals to them and to take it with them. So many folks enjoy this that each day the tree is replenished once or twice. Her latest book, Learning Life, a Memoir, was published in August 2022 by Nostos Press. She has deep connections to Cape May MAC, spanning 5 decades, and can proudly say that her father was the first president of the organization in 1971.