Why be a Cape May MAC volunteer?

Volunteering at Cape May MAC allows you to meet new people and make a contribution in helping the Cape May region thrive. Cape May MAC is one of New Jersey’s leading cultural and heritage organizations.

Whether giving out information at our festivals, offering skills as a volunteer in our offices, or taking tickets at our Music Festival or other events, your time and talent have a huge impact in helping carry out our preservation, interpretation and cultural enrichment missions!

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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Marketing and Communications Volunteer Positions
  • Benefit House Tour Volunteer Positions
  • Curatorial Volunteer Positions
  • Grounds and Maintenance Volunteer Positions
  • Special Events Volunteer Positions
  • Museum Education Volunteer Positions
  • Hospitality Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Benefits

  • 10% Discount at Cape May MAC Museum Shops
  • Significant discount on Cape May MAC membership dues
  • Invitation to exhibit openings and lectures
  • Volunteer Recognition Reception and Awards

Those who achieve Platinum (150 hours or more) Gold (100 to 149 hours) or Silver Awards (50 hours to 99 hours) receive free admission to a variety of tours, including Crafts & Collectibles Shows and the Cape May Music Festival Concerts.

Become a Cape May MAC Volunteer

Once you submit your contact information, you will receive an email response from our Volunteer Engagement Manager, Kelly Redington, to learn more about the next steps in volunteering at Cape May MAC!
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Volunteer Engagement Manager

Kelly Redington

Email: kredington@capemaymac.org

Cape May MAC (Museums + Arts + Culture) was founded over 50 years ago on the principle of volunteerism and giving of oneself to the community. These volunteers made significant strides in the preservation of Cape May’s rich history, with a commitment that continues to carry on today.  Each and every one of us has the opportunity to contribute to the organization’s legacy by becoming a Cape May MAC volunteer.

Many of us have volunteered at different times throughout our lives for a variety of reasons. As a Cape May MAC volunteer, you can focus on our community’s cultural heritage, the historic landmarks Cape May MAC has restored, or simply have fun at engaging community events. I have personally found that a successful volunteering experience is when you achieve the balance between what you give of yourself and what you receive in return. My goal is to ensure that every Cape May MAC volunteer finds that balance.

Please contact me to join our volunteer team, as we look to the future while preserving the story of our past!

Volunteers of the Month

July 2021

Sue Carroll

Shown here, holding one of the archival photos she is helping organize, is Sue Carroll, of Cape May, N.J., the Cape May MAC (Museums+Arts+Culture) Volunteer of the Month for July. She is recognized for her work on the Cape May MAC Archiving Project, and was nominated for the honor by Janet Coupland, manager of the project and a member of the organization’s Board of Trustees. The project began in 2020 and aims to professionally archive 51 years of Cape May MAC documents and artifacts. It is such a monumental effort that it is proceeding in phases. Carroll has already volunteered hundreds of hours. She is in a unique position to be helpful to the project as she is a witness to much of the organization’s history from its very beginning. “Not only does her knowledge make her invaluable, Sue is willing to ‘roll up her sleeves’ and work on all aspects of the project, including digging through hundreds of boxes of files, sorting thousands of slides, photos and negatives, and labeling and sorting piles of material,” Coupland said. “Sue is an amazing volunteer. She always has a smile and a willingness to do whatever is needed. She is a great team member, and we could not have undertaken this complex and important project without her. We appreciate so much all that she has accomplished and her continued dedication to the effort.”

June 2021

Craig Coughlin

Craig Coughlin, of Little Falls, N.J., is the Cape May MAC (Museums+Arts+Culture) Volunteer of the Month for June. Craig was nominated by Cape May MAC Director of Tour Operations Nanci Coughlin. Craig is Project Manager and Digital Infrastructure Manager for the architecture firm JAM Arch in Fairfield, N.J. He used his skills and experience to create an architectural rendering for the new Cape May Lighthouse Brick Program, a Cape May MAC program in which members of the public can now purchase engraved bricks along the pathway on the lighthouse grounds. “As Craig’s mom, I knew he would be willing to help us out by creating the necessary drawings for the project,” Nanci said. “Having grown up in Cape May, with a mom who has worked for Cape May MAC for many years now, Craig was always helping us out in one way or another, and at one time worked as a Lighthouse Keeper. Now of course, he has a career of his own, but thankfully he is always willing to say ‘Yes’ when his mother asks him for a favor.” Director and CEO Jody Alessandrine said family are a vital force at Cape May MAC. “We are fortunate as a non-profit organization to have so many dedicated staff and their family members who, through sharing their expertise and generosity, expand our knowledge base. Thank you, Craig, for your excellent work.”

May 2021

Rev. Jeanette Block

Rev. Jeanette Block, of Cape May, N.J., shown here at Cape May United Methodist Church where she is pastor, is the Cape May MAC (Museums+Arts+Culture) Volunteer of the Month for May. She was nominated for the honor by Cape May MAC Chief Outreach Strategist Mary Stewart for her ongoing support of the organization. “It’s our way to honor and thank her for her time on the Cape May MAC Volunteer team, graciously making sure we always had access to Lyle Hall and being a strong and consistent advocate for the organization and volunteers,” said Stewart. Block has been a staunch supporter of the organization since she began as pastor of the church in July 2015, graciously allowing the organization continued access to the church’s meeting space, Lyle Hall, for pot-luck staff dinners, staff and volunteer training and orientations, and for the popular Lunch & Learn lectures Cape May MAC offers throughout the year. Rev. Block will be retiring as pastor of the church on June 27.

April 2021

Anna Leeper

Anna Leeper, of Wildwood, N.J., is the Cape May MAC (Museums+Arts+Culture) Volunteer of the Month for April. She was nominated for the honor by Outreach Manager: Volunteer & Membership Engagement Ayeshah Dickerson. “Anna came up with the idea to organize a food drive to benefit the Cape May Community Food Closet during the winter when so many in the community are in need from the pandemic. We held a Presidents Day Cape May MAC food drive at the Physick Estate and collected close to $800 in food and other necessary household items along with additional monetary donations of $426. We really appreciate Anna for this and for all the work she does for the organization and the community.” The food drive was held at the Emlen Physick Estate, 1048 Washington St., Cape May. Cape May MAC has public tours and events open to the public now.

March 2021

Ayeshah Dickerson

Ayeshah Dickerson, of Wildwood Crest, N.J., is the Cape May MAC (Museums+Arts+Culture) Volunteer of the Month for March. Director of Media Relations Susan Krysiak nominated Dickerson for the honor, for her help with a video project Krysiak managed in November and December. “Ayeshah helped me when I was in a real pinch,” said Krysiak. “We were creating a video for sale – a Cape May Virtual Christmas Candlelight House Tour – because COVID-19 meant we couldn’t offer this popular tour in person. Then, in the early days of shooting, I took over as videographer out of necessity, which meant finishing production on my own. Ayeshah jumped in to help, worked with the property owners and handled rescheduling with grace, helped me with production on-site, and was absolutely critical to keeping the project on track. We could not have done it without her.” Dickerson was and still is Cape May MAC’s Manager of Volunteer Engagement and is taking on new responsibilities for the organization in marketing and membership in 2021.

February 2021

Eunice Hudzik

Assistant to the Director Anna Leeper nominated Eunice Hudzik for the honor of Volunteer of the Month for February 2021. Hudzik is a trained interpreter for Cape May MAC tours but has volunteered to help outside of that role with the annual “An Old-fashioned Christmas Exhibit” on display each Christmas in the Carroll Gallery at the Carriage House on the grounds of the Emlen Physick Estate, 1048 Washington St., Cape May. Hudzik has volunteered since 2017 by helping to take down the exhibit after New Year’s Day, a monumental task. This past year she volunteered her time to take it down and also to help set it up in time for the holidays. “Over the years that Eunice has volunteered, she has been a part of any and all of the elements that make this such a popular exhibit for our residents and visitors,” said Jean Barraclough, who created the exhibit. Leeper recognizes Hudzik for going the extra mile at a time when the organization was especially in need of volunteer help. “Eunice was willing to pitch in and do what was needed to help make this year’s exhibit as wonderful as it always is, volunteering all her time. We really appreciate her hard work and dedication to Cape May MAC.”

January 2021

Lisa Jurewicz

Lisa Jurewicz of North Cape May, N.J. is the Cape May MAC (Museums+Arts+Culture) Volunteer of the Month for January 2021. Cape May MAC Chief Outreach Officer Eliza Lotozo nominated her for the honor in thanks for playing music during two holiday crafts and collectibles shows at the Emlen Physick Estate, 1048 Washington St., Cape May. Jurewicz, known as “Mrs. J” from her many years as a professional music teacher, offered her time and talent during the Thanksgiving Crafts & Collectibles Show on Nov. 28, and the Holiday Crafts & Collectibles Show on Dec. 6, playing holiday musical favorites to entertain visitors. “Mrs. J is so community-minded,” said Lotozo. “She volunteered to do this for us and play music in our gazebo during these outdoor shows this holiday season, and we really appreciate it. Her music added so much joy and festivity to the event. We are very grateful to her for volunteering her time and talents for the enjoyment of our visitors.”

December 2020

Cathy Baldacchini

Manager of Volunteer Engagement Ayeshah Dickerson nominated her for the honor. Baldacchini is Cape May MAC’s Information Technology (IT) Manager. She stepped outside her usual role and volunteered to manage Scarecrow Alley this past fall and in coming years. Community members construct homemade scarecrows displayed in October on the grounds of the Emlen Physick Estate, 1048 Washington St., Cape May. Cathy stepped in to take over managing the project, managing applications, planning grounds layout and coordinating with participants to mount their scarecrows. “Cathy took on this role during a difficult year for everyone,” said Dickerson. “She has a real creative streak and is a talented crafter and creator, so this was a natural for her. She brought all that creativity and energy to make Scarecrow Alley another great success in 2020. We are so grateful to her for going above and beyond and helping us further our mission in the community.”

Photo of a family of 4, huband, wife, son and daughter in law

November 2020

Bob, Carole, Ben and Elena Irwin

Director of Media Relations Susan Krysiak nominated them for the honor, for their enthusiastic participation as volunteer models in a recent video shoot by videographer Tom Grayson, which captures what it’s like to take one of Cape May MAC’s new City Guide Golf Cart tours around Cape Island. “The Irwins made this long morning video shoot so much fun and productive,” said Krysiak “They were easy-going and helpful, spending a good few hours riding around to Cape May’s historic sites and locations, to capture footage and photos to promote this new tour offering. As a non-profit, our goal is always to be as efficient as possible. Our volunteers truly make that possible, and we rely on them in so many ways. This is one more way that Cape May MAC volunteers can pitch in and help out. We are so glad for their support, and we greatly appreciate them.”

Margaret "Peggy" Ose

October 2020

Margaret “Peggy” Ose

Margaret “Peggy” Ose, of Cape May, N.J., is the Volunteer of the Month for October. Manager of Volunteer Engagement Ayeshah Dickerson nominated Ose for the honor. “Peggy was the first volunteer to sign up for the Social Distancing Ambassador role at the Cape May Lighthouse this summer,” said Dickerson. “She stuck with it through rain or shine.” Even while outdoors on the grounds of the Lighthouse, Social Distancing Ambassadors, staff and visitors wear masks, here, off duty and at a healthy distance from the camera and the lighthouse grounds, Peggy’s photo shows her smiling face. Social Distancing Ambassadors were implemented by Cape May MAC this summer to help visitors adhere to the proper social distance, check visitors’ temperatures, and help them understand cleaning protocols and capacity limits, all with the aim of keeping those who visit the Cape May Lighthouse safe and secure during the pandemic. Although not required, Social Distancing Ambassadors have proven invaluable, helping ease the transition for visitors. “Thank you, Peggy, for donating over 60 hours of volunteer time and for your dedication to Cape May MAC and Cape May Lighthouse operations!,” Dickerson said.


September 2020

Joe Byrne

Joe Byrne, of North Cape May, N.J., is the Cape May MAC (Museums+Arts+Culture) Volunteer of the Month for September. Chief Outreach Officer Eliza Lotozo nominated Joe for the honor. “Joe normally works for Cape May MAC as a driver delivering our This Week In Cape May (TWICM) magazines throughout the area, which during a normal year is a busy job,” said Lotozo. “When COVID-19 hit, and we were scrambling and changing course direction at the organization, Joe reached out to me out of the blue and offered to do the deliveries as a volunteer, instead. We are so grateful to Joe for helping like this, when we need it the most.”

August 2020

Bill McCray

Bill McCray, of West Cape May, N.J., is the Cape May MAC (Museums+Arts+Culture) was nominated by CEO & Director Jody Alessandrine and Manager of Volunteer Engagement Ayeshah Dickerson. “It’s our way to honor and thank Bill for the many hours he volunteered to help get the Emlen Physick Estate grounds ready for the Spring Celebration Garden Tour, as well as the significant number of hours he donated on a regular basis since the pandemic affected our operations,” said Alessandrine. “Without his help and dedication, Cape May MAC would not have had the grounds ready for the paying tour-goers, or to visitors of the Estate or Vintage, the new restaurant opened this year on the grounds. Words cannot express our appreciation.” McCray is Cape May MAC’s gardener, part of the organization’s Maintenance Team. “Bill put in an amazing 140 hours of volunteer work this spring during the COVID-19 shutdown and quarantine, preparing and maintaining the grounds for reopening,” said Dickerson. “Our Cape May MAC staff often pitch in and volunteer for the organization. Recognizing these kinds of efforts is important.”