Lunch & Learn Series

Bring a bag lunch and learn during these informative talks on popular topics of history, culture, science and the arts. Lunch & Learn programs are offered both LIVE at the Cape May Lutheran Church Hall, 509 Pittsburgh Ave., Cape May, and by ZOOM. You may bring your lunch and beverage but no food or drink is provided. The hall is accessible and free parking is available. No registration is needed if you plan to attend in person.

2022 schedule and lecture topics listed below.

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The Impact of Immigration on America

March 15th: 12 pm

Ted Bryan discusses how immigration has affected the United States – and South Jersey in particular – since the late 1800’s.

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A History of Libraries in the United States

Apr 5: 12 pm

Public libraries have been a community staple for nearly two centuries in the U.S, where patrons of all ages come not only to find their next read, but also to do research, attend a class, try out the latest technology, and so much more. During National Library week, join Cape May County Libraries’ Outreach Librarian, Audrey Dingler, to learn about the beginnings of libraries, the role they play in society today, and our own Cape May County Library system.

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Marvels and Missteps: Medicine During the Victorian Era

Apr 19th: 12 pm

The Victorian Era saw considerable advancements in the medical community. However, potent drugs and questionable procedures also rose to predominance. Ben Ridings talks about the triumphs, tragedies, and tricksters of the medical profession in the era.

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More About Music: Composers of the 2023 Cape May Music Festival 

May 3rd: 12 pm

Sure, you’ve probably heard of Bach, Schubert, and Mozart. But most of us aren’t as familiar with Pierné, Golijov, Barber, or Bologne! As our Cape May Music Festival kicks off, Dr. Brenda Leonard familiarizes us with some of the less-well-known composers whose works are being performed in the next few weeks. Perhaps you’ll find a new favorite!
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The History of Theater in Cape May

May 17th: 12 pm

Roy Steinberg of Cape May Stage takes us on an exploration of theatre history starting with the Orestia of Aeschylus. In particular, he will concentrate on theater in Cape May, from the 19th century opera and vaudeville through the 20th century star packages and summer stock to the creation of theater companies that exist today. The 21st century theater that exists today grew out of that history and we will discuss contemporary Cape May demographics and national trends and union protocols to guess at the future.

Please join us for the following June Lunch & Learn Series Lectures on Thursdays

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It’s a Grand Old Flag

THURSDAY Jun 8th: 12 pm

We’re all familiar with the Stars and Stripes, our national flag. But when did it come about, who designed it, and why do we celebrate on June 14th? Old Glory has served as the symbol of our nation from our very beginnings. Join Mary Stewart to learn about the history of our flag and the day we celebrate it.

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More About Music: Mozart’s Last Symphony, the Jupiter

THURSDAY Jun 22nd: 12 pm

The last concert of our Cape May Music Festival will end with a performance of the last symphony of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – his 41st. Join Bay Atlantic Symphony conductor Jed Gaylin and symphony cellist and MAC Museum Educator Brenda Leonard for an in-depth look at this landmark composition. We’ll talk about what to listen for in each of the four movements and how the symphony acquired its nickname, “the Jupiter”. Have lunch with us, then plan to attend the performance at 7pm at Convention Hall!

Past Lectures

A History of New Year’s Resolutions 

Presented by Mary Stewart


A History of Christmas Carols

Presented by Brenda Leonard


Nonprofits: They’re Not all the Same!

Presented by Jody Alessandrine


A Closer Look at Veterans Day

Presented by Mike Urbanski


“The Lenape Nation and the Virtues of the Seven Grandfathers”

Presented by eri Hislop, also named Xeli Otaesak Pilsit Xkw, of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania


“Discovering Cape May’s Role in the Underground Railroad”

Presented by Theodore Bryan


Victorian Email: And Other Communications in the Late 1800s

Presenter: Ben Ridings, Cape May MAC Curator


Two Women, Two Worlds

Presented by Mary Stewart


“Six Centuries of Cello “

Presented by cellist Brenda Leonard


“Vintage Tweets: Suffrage Era Postcards”

Presented by Carol Crossed


“What does a Symphony Conductor Do Besides Wave a Baton? “

Presented by Jed Gaylin of Bay Atlantic Symphony


“Impressionist Art: How Do You Paint Light?”

Presented by John Curtis


“History of Independence Day”

Presented by Mary Stewart


“Tool of the Trade”

Presented by Ben Riding


“Let’s Play Ball: A Century of Baseball History.”

Presented by Mary Stewart


History of Gardens from Eden to Present

Part 1

Presented by Elan Zingman-Leith


Emerald Cape May

Presented by Ben Ridging


Love Cape May Style

Presented by Elan Zingman-Leith


Shocking Secrets of Victorian Christmas

Presented by Elan Zingman-Leith


A History of Thanksgiving in America

Presented by Mary Stewart


Guardian at the Point – Life as a Cape May Keeper

Presented by Ben Ridings


History of Bicycling

Presented by Tom Carroll


A Feeling of Community

Presented by CCA, Hope Gaines and Rachel Dolhanczyk


The Roaring Twenties

Presented by Mary Stewart


The Great Fire of 1878

Presented by Ben Ridings


The First Ladies Part 2

Presented by Mary Stewart


The Doo Wop Experience

Presented by Mike Urbanski


The Presidents in Cape May

Presented by Ben Ridings



Presented by Mary Stewart


YULETIDE AUTHORS: How Charles Dickens & Washington Irving Transformed Christmas

Presented by Ben Ridings