Mary Stewart began volunteering for Cape May MAC when she moved to Cape May in 1986 and joined the staff in 1987 as an assistant in the Communications Division. She had an undergraduate degree in art and a career in graphic arts which she put to work designing Cape May MAC’s publications (including their “This Week in Cape May” publication). From there, she moved to Special Events and eventually into grant-writing, marketing, Membership and development. She was a part of the team that launched the Music Festival in 1990 and arranged to bring visiting musicians into schools, which was the origin of Cape May MAC’s educational outreach program. In 2003, she earned a Master of Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Now that she semi-retired, she serves as the Chief Outreach Strategist and assists with outreach to a variety of audiences including Members, volunteers, the educational community and the business community. She’s served on the boards of the City and County Chambers of Commerce.